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The author of the programs, Nevil Hopley, has been Head of Mathematics at a large independent school in Edinburgh, Scotland, since 1998.

After completing a Mathematics degree (1992) and Teacher Training (1993), he worked for 3 years as a Mathematics Teacher at a school in Northamptonshire, England. In 1996, he moved to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Nevil has been programming computers in both BASIC and Assembly Language since the early days of ZX Spectrums and Acorn Electrons. His first forays into graphical calculator programming were on Casio's at his first teaching post, but thereafter exclusively on TI80's, 82's, 83's, 83+'s, 83+SE's, 84+'s 84+SE's, 92's and 92+'s. From Easter 2000, his classroom hosted Texas Instruments' pilot site of networked calculators - the first outside of the USA - which became commercially available in 2003 as "TI Navigator" for the TI83+/84+ handhelds.

He started working with the TI-Nspire handheld in 2007 and was involved in a support capacity for Pilot site projects in both England (session 2007/08) and Scotland (session 2008/09). In October 2008, he was again a first user in the UK of the TI-Nspire Navigator prototype, and involved in a research project relating to its classroom benefits. In February 2009, he presented a session at the T3 International Conference in Seattle, USA. He continues to deliver T3 training on the TI-Nspire on a regular basis in both Scotland and the UK.

He developed the current collection of programs on this website over several years and they are used extensively within his current department of staff. They are used with all ages and abilities and alongside normal teaching resources and practice. Please see the Reviews page on this website for comments from other users from across the UK. This pioneering software has been recognised and presented at the following events:

> Scottish Mathematics Council Annual Conferences 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2004.
> BECTa Small Software Seminar, 2001.
> SMILE Mathematics Conference, 2002.
> Scottish Maths Advisory Group, 2002.
> Angus Council Maths Advisory Group, 2002.
> SETT Exhibition, 2003.
> LTS Maths Software in Focus Day, 2004
> Mathematics Teaching Conference, 2004
> BCME-6 Roots of Unity Conference, 2005

> TTT Regional Training, 2006

Video footage of some Calculator Software programs being used in classrooms was included on a boxed 2 CD resource “Using Graphic Calculators - Practical Help and Resources”.

This publication was circulated to all secondary schools in Scotland in 2003 and it was funded by the Scottish Executive Education Department and produced by Learning & Teaching Scotland and SITC/Moray House School of Education. Click here to order a copy
Demonstration videos of all of Calculator Software's programs were included on the CD that accompanied the ATM publication "Integrating ICT into the Mathematics Classroom". These videos can also be downloaded from this website.

This publication was circulated in October 2005 to approximately 3500 secondary schools in England and Wales, as well as 350 Mathematics Consultants. Click here to order a copy

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