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All of the resources relate to the use of graphic calculators in the Maths Classroom.
They are provided without any further support and no liability can be accepted for any loss or damage arising from their use.

Calculator Software Samples.zip

Calculator Software Free Samples
This zip files contains many pdf files and programs, for both the TI83 and TI83+/84+, as well as installation notes.
The programs are shareware versions which have restricted functionality compared to the full versions which can be purchased via this website.
The programs are: Flipper, Gridrush, Indices, Pinboard and TimeUp.


Analysis Application
This zip file contains a TI83+/84+ APP, a TI83+/84+ program, a pdf file and a Readme.txt file.
This program allows a teacher to quickly analyse how their class has performed on each question from any assessment that they have just sat. In addition, it can automatically total individual component scores for each script (saving a lot of mental arithmetic and flicking through pages of scripts!)
Download the zip file to see the full description contained in the pdf file about the program's functionality and potential use in your classroom!

Learning Styles.zip Kolb Learning Styles
This zip file contains a TI83+/84+ program and a pdf file.
The program can be used to assess a person's preferred learning style, according to the theory of Kolb.
The pdf file has 1 page of program notes, 3 pages of student and teacher information sheets and 1 sheet for use by the teacher in recording which students in their class are which type of learner.
There are also links to other websites for further information on Learning Style Theory (of which this is just one).

Resetting TI Calcs.pdf Resetting TI Calculators
This pdf file contains 2 pages - both identical - describing the necessary key presses (along with screen shots) of how to reset the memory of a TI80/82/83/83+/84+. This is required information in advance of students entering any current UK exam.
The pdf file allows the user to print off either A4 copies, or two A5-copies per A4 sheet (by choosing their printer options carefully)
The A5 sheets can be issued to all students in advance of any exam.
The A4 sheets can be printed, enlarged to A3 and displayed around school in the run up to exams.

GC Skills and Test Sheets.zip Graphic Calculator Skill and Test Sheets
This zip file contains 4 pdf files....
GC Skills Checklist.pdf lists does exactly what it says on the tin! The skills that it lists are typical of what one might need for tackling the majority of Secondary School Maths courses with graphic calculator confidence.
GC Skills Test 1.pdf and GC Skills Test 2.pdf are two "tests" that can be used to assess whether students do indeed possess the skills covered on the Checklist. Test 1 covers straightforward skills, whilst Test 2 is more problem solving in nature.
GC Skills Test Answers.pdf are there to protect your sanity!

Biorhythm.83p Biorhythm
This single file program is provided without any support notes.
You can no doubt find out about what Biorhythms are via another website.
The program requires you to enter your birth date and the current date of interest. It then graphically displays the state of each of your cycles of energy.

Mastermind.zip Mastermind
This zip file contains 2 program files, both required to run the program Mastermind.
This program was written by Sally Crighton (currently of the Open University) and is hosted here with her permission.
The program is self explanatory and simulates the old board game of the same name where you have to guess correctly a 4 digit number.
This program can be run in both 1 player, or 2 player mode and either 3 o 4 digit numbers can be guessed.
A good program for developing students' ability to design a systematic search process!

Navigate.zip Navigate
This zip file contains 1 pdf file, 1 program file and 3 image files.
Originally written in 1997 by MadMaths (a.k.a. Calum Stewart and Derek Simpson) the progam is hosted here with their permission.
The pdf file contains program instructions and a worksheet.
You need to install the progam and the 3 image files onto your calculator [if you have a TI83+ or TI84+, I'd recommend you GROUP these 4 files together.]
This program is the definitive resource for practising bearings ... and is great fun as well!


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