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This program helps students understand the concept of an angle through testing their knowledge of sizes of angles, the definitions of certain sized angles and the ability to locate angles relating to parallel lines.

Starting from estimation of sizes of angles, this program develops students' angle knowledge giving them greater confidence when calculating with angles and understanding more complex geometrical diagrams.

> Choice of either estimating an angle's size from a given diagram or drawing a diagram from a given angle
> Choice of either to name or draw acute, obtuse and reflex angles as well as complementary and supplementary angles.
> Choice to find alternate, corresponding, vertically opposite and supplementary angles using 3 letter notation on a diagram of parallel lines.
> After selecting the chosen options, 10 questions are asked, with scores given for accuracy of answers.
> Students can reattempt questions if they were not sufficiently close. Guidance is given by the program whether to go larger or smaller.
> The labelling of the vertices in displayed parallel lines diagram changes with each question, to keep testing their knowledge of 3 letter notation.
> Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name Angles
Topic Shape
Age Group Age 12-13
S1-S2 (Scot)
Year 8-9 (E&W)



Format Single program
File Size 6 KB


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