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Car Wars
A fun challenge of logic that draws upon students' spatial awareness - and patience (!) - to slide blocks around within a restricted area.

The objective is to rearrange the blank cars in the car-park so that the black car can be driven out of the exit. Cars can only be moved in the directions that they are aligned! The program is excellent at developing students' ability to think several stages ahead in order to solve each problem.


> 159 challenge levels, categorised into Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties.
> Easy to use control of which cars to move via the arrow keys on the calculator
> A move counter keeps track of how long it takes to solve each problem. This allows analysis of the optimal solution using the minimum number of moves.
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name Car Wars
Topic Logic
Age Group Age 12-13
S1 & S2 (Scot)
Year 8 & 9 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83
Format Single program
File Size 2 KB


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