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Grid Rush
This is a competitive numeracy game that develops and tests students' confidence in basic operations, against the clock, that proves to be both highly addictive and fun.

Players must fill in the empty cells in the grid according to the numbers in the neighbouring cells and the operation that has been selected. The competitive format allows for continual and constant challenges, including performing against the clock, maximising the number of questions answered and adjusting the complexity of the numbers in the grid.


> Questions on integers test the user's knowledge of sums, products, highest common factors or lowest common multiples.
> Questions on decimals test knowledge of sums or products Choice to either sum the scores, calculate the product of them, record the minimum or maximum score, or calculate the difference (when only 2 dice).
> Choice of whether to be presented with the answer and then have to locate the cell into which it needs to be placed - it's the game in reverse!
> Time limit can be varied from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
> The target number of questions to answer can be varied from 5 up to 10.
> Numbers in the cells can be varied from Easy to Medium to Hard difficulty.
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Name Grid Rush
Topic Number
Age Group Age 12-18
S1-S6 (Scot)
Year 8-13 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83
Format Single program
File Size 8 KB


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