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This engaging program animates - in real time - the filling of various shaped jugs and displays the rate of change of the water level in various graphical forms.

Useful for whole class discussion or individual work, this program helps students understand how rates of change can be graphed. By filling up various shaped jugs with water that flows in at a constant rate, students understand the factors that affect the rate of water level rise without getting your classroom wet!


> 8 inbuilt jug profiles (including narrowing cone, dumbbell and spheroid).
> Choice for the user to design their own jug profile.
> Choice to view any combination of animated jug filling, plotted graph of water height against volume or "dipstick" scales.
> Water fills jugs in "real time" - as the jugs narrow, the water level rises quicker and as the jug widens it rises more slowly
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons as well as worksheets.
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Name Jugs
Topic Graphical
Age Group Age 12-16
S1-S4 (Scot)
Year 8-11 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83
Format Single program
File Size 3 KB


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