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The progam can prove invaluable for the effective management and marking of multiple choice exercises leaving the teacher available to teach, rather than mark scripts.

McMarker was designed to have a way for students to have their multiple choice exercises marked without taking up teacher time and without revealing what the correct answers are. This allowed the students a chance to reattempt questions in ignorance of what the correct responses were.


> Automatically marks up to 25 multiple choice questions at a time.
> Choice of multiple choice responses A to E, true or false, or a mixture of both.
> The teacher mode of the program encodes the correct answers which then generates an alphanumeric code.
> The teacher can choose to award various points for correct answers and/or penalise incorrect answers
> The teacher can control the option for the correct answer not to be displayed when a student's response is incorrect.
> Student mode requires entry of alphanumeric code which is then decoded by the program and used to compare the entered responses to what the correct answers are.
> The overall score and the questions that require attention are displayed to the student once all the answers have been entered.
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name McMarker
Topic Assessment
Age Group Age 12-18
S1-S6 (Scot)
Year 8-13 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83
Format Single program
File Size 6 KB


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