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Provides an interactive, "Geoboard" environment to analyse the names, perimeters and areas of all types of triangles and quadrilaterals which helps students to better understand all of these definitions.

Students can explore and be challenged on their knowledge of these geometrical shapes, via a user-friendly interface, on an 8 by 8 unit grid. The program helps enforce the difference between area and perimeter, and between the names of all of the shapes.


> Exploration mode allows students to explore the properties of the geometrical shape they create.
> The program recognises obtuse-angled, right-angled and acute-angled triangles, and whether they are isosceles or scalene - equilateral triangles are not possible on a unit grid!
> The program recognises the following quadrilaterals: trapezium, isosceles trapezium, parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square and kite.
> Challenge mode uses its database of 40 stored target shapes - 20 each for triangles and quadrilaterals
> The user can select a specific challenge, or choose from Easy, Medium or Hard difficulties.
> A running score is kept that's affected by how many attempts are made to correctly obtain the target shape - this can be limited to 3 attempts if desired.
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name Pinboard
Topic Shape
Age Group Age 12-16
S1-S4 (Scot)
Year 8-11 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83+
Format Single program
File Size 9 KB


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