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This program has proven to be an invaluable resource for understanding and practising the skills of rounding numbers to both decimal places and significant figures.

The user can experience extensive practice required to become proficient with all forms of rounding. The calculator provides an ideal, individualised environment for quick-fire questions as well as providing immediate feedback on the accuracy of the answers. Students do not find it burdensome to complete many levels and they enjoy the challenge of achieving a perfect score of 100%.


> Questions are generated on rounding from 0 to 7 decimal places, including a mixture level.
> Questions are generated on rounding from 1 to 7 significant figures, including a mixture level.
> Choice to answer a mixture of both decimal place and significant figure rounding questions.
> Choice to round to units of measurement including length, volume, mass and currency.
> The program generates 10 questions and presents the user with a final percentage score based upon the number of questions correctly answered on either the first, or second attempts.
> Where an answer is repeatedly answered incorrectly, the correct answer is displayed.
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name Rounding
Topic Number
Age Group Age 12-14
S1-S2 (Scot)
Year 8-9 (E&W)


Format Single program
File Size 4 KB


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