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Ultimate Brackets
Ultimate Brackets helps students become highly proficient at both expanding and factorising brackets. From extensive databases of question types, the user can practice specific skills, extend their capabilities or test themselves, all against the clock.


> Unlimited number of expansion and simplification questions generated from over 180 distinct formats of expressions, split into 17 separate exercises.
> Unlimited number of factorising questions generated from over 65 distinct formats of linear and quadratic expressions, split into 9 separate exercises.
> All questions randomly generated based upon the selected format.
> Fully comprehensive answer checking, including detection of non-simplified expressions, partially factorised brackets and illogical use of notation, operands and brackets.
> Detection of "inelegant" answers eg. (-x+6) rather than (6-x)
> Option for the program to automatically amend any incorrectly entered negative or subtraction signs
> Hint option to assist users when factorising expressions
> Test mode that guides students towards starting on the most appropriate exercise to develop their skills and proficiency
> Fully comprehensive teacher notes available which include descriptive notes, technical data and recommended "First Lesson Plans".
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Name Ultimate Brackets
Topic Algebra
Age Group Age 12-18
S1-S6 (Scot)
Year 8-13 (E&W)
Compatibility TI-83+
Format Grouped multiple files
File Size 21 KB


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