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View 3D
An ideal tool for the creation of 3 dimensional wire-frame objects and viewing them from any perspective and any distance.

This program allows students to actively use their knowledge of 3D co-ordinates to create and view their own wire-frame models. This may be their first step into virtual 3D graphical modelling!


> 5 in-built predefined objects available for viewing.
> Option to enter 3 dimensional co-ordinates of user defined shape, with up to 26 vertices.
> The entered vertices can be joined up by edges in any order.
> Option to highlight any particular edge to be a "thick" line

> The user can rotate around the shape, from all directions, in steps of 5, 15 or 90 degrees.
> The user can zoom in towards or away from the origin.
> Where questions are repeatedly answered incorrectly, the user is advised by the program to seek help from the teacher. In addition, at the end, students must go back and do their corrections to enforce and consolidate successful strategies.
> Use of "pretty print" fraction display along with the expectation of fractional answers to be entered in their simplest form.
Full teacher notes include suggested uses in lessons. Click here to view them.

Name View 3D
Topic Shape
Age Group Age 14-18
S3-S6 (Scot)
Year 10-13 (E&W)


Format Single program
File Size 4 KB


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