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"Thanks for your presentation at the conference. I found the programs excellent and can see them being very well received by the pupils in my classes." Robert McCallum, Loudoun Academy, Galston

"My Intermediate 1 class loved Grid Rush- great benefit. At Maths Club we tried Boxes, TimeUp and Rounding - all first years and all hooked! Great." James Gill, Websters High School, Angus.

"I've just come across your TI83 downloads they look FANTASTIC! [until now] I've not really found anyone who believed that TI83's could be used profitably in this way. I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the work you have been doing." David Payne, St Anne's Science College, Southampton.

"I have found the majority of the programs you forwarded to me very useful within the classroom. They have been especially useful for consolidating / revising various topics. The most impressive program is the Equation program due to the progression through the levels and the illustration of removing barrels and weights. I found some of my less able pupils in S2, who were struggling with the equations topic, reaching level 10 which was a real achievement, best of all they were able to describe their methods for solving the equation, excellent. Thanks for the programs. I have enjoyed using them in the classroom and the pupils have enjoyed the challenges." Robert McCallum, Loudoun Academy, Galston

"When using the Equation program on the OHP I found pupils began to see the answers instantly the way Maths teachers do. I also found that when the pupils used the software individually they overtook what their textbook offered in half the time that the book required. Getting the pupils to use their jotters too maintained good form. All very satisfying for a teacher." Maths Teacher, Glasgow.

"TimeUp is an excellent mental maths program for starting or finishing lessons. Classes always enjoy playing this game. Integrals is used for Unit 2 Higher work on integration . [and is] much easier than drawing your own diagrams and classes quickly see the effect of increasing the number of strips. Pinboard - pupils enjoy the challenge of constructing triangles or quadrilaterals with given areas. Problems are set at different levels of difficulty to provide challenges for all your class. The Ultimate Challenge covers everything you need for 5-14 and S Grade non-calculator work. Purchasing the licence for this program allowed all members of my department to get a copy as well as pupils with their own TI83+ calculators." David Martin, Harris Academy, Dundee

"The Ultimate Challenge program, I have found, can be used with any level of class; it is extremely well differentiated and provides many more questions than can be got from most textbooks; an excellent tool to help improve number skills."
David Johnson, George Watson's College.

"Calculator Software - Very good value for money. Presenter [Nevil Hopley] knew his subject very well. Practical resource. Interesting for students to use. Informative - lots of tips to try. Most relevant to current curriculum of all the demos." Delegate at LTS Maths Software in Focus Day.

"About 75% of the teachers who returned evaluation forms chose your software as the best title they saw on the day" Organiser of LTS Maths Software in Focus Day

"The Tables, Functions, Graphs program is great as an introduction or as consolidation of straight line work; it can also be used to extend the most able pupils (finding an equation of a line(s) which goes through a number of points; the difficulty increasing as the number of points increases). I have found the program useful with a wide range of classes." David Johnson, George Watson's College, Edinburgh

“…the department is still having a great time with your programs - they’ve been using Ultimate Brackets lately. Seemingly the PT even took the calculator on holiday with her during October, and one for each of her children, to try out your programs! Maths Teacher, Aberdeenshire Secondary School

“ I think your programs look fantastic. I was wondering about … obtaining an authority license [and] our maths advisor is very supportive of this idea”
Authority Trainer for North Lanarkshire [who subsequently now own an Authority License]

MT198 - September 2006
Here is a short piece that was in ATM's bi-monthly journal that comments on students showing their workings, against the backdrop of the Ultimate Brackets program.
TI Time Article - Winter 2005/06
This edition of TI Time focused on a variety of topics. Here is an abridged version of that edition, that contains a double page spread of ideas that Nevil Hopley uses when training staff and students in the use of a graphic calculator.
Connected 12 Article - Jan 2005
This is a single page excerpt of an article that appeared in Learning & Teaching Scotland’s award winning “Connected” magazine.
TI Time Article - Winter 2004/05
This edition of TI Time focused on the various ways that calculator programs could enhance the teaching of Maths. Here is an abridged version of that edition, that contains the article on Calculator Software’s products.
TES Scotland Article -19 Sep 2003
This appeared in the special features section of the Times Educational Supplement in the week prior to the SETT 2003 exhibition.
SMC Journal 32 Article
This is a retrospective article describing the presentation given at the Scottish Mathematics Council's 2002 Conference in Stirling. It was published in the SMC's Annual Journal later that year.

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