This website was originally for anyone who wanted to use interactive geometry to do mathematics on a handheld device, a graphic calculator, or the related computer software. It has since expanded to include whole host of other interactive activites that go beyond geometrical constructions.

Whether you are new to interactive geometry, or you are a more experienced user, you should find something of interest on this site.

If you are a TI-Nspire user, visit the Nspire Index page to view which Nspire documents are now available, along with many Construction Movies.

If you are new to TI84+ and CabriJr, or wish to use it to meet some of the key ideas behind Interactive Geometry constructions, then visit the Starting Out section of this website, or use Texas Instruments' own interactive tutorials. Come back here when you're done!

You can even submit geometrical constructions of your own that you would like hosted in either the Teaching or Puzzles sections, and a movie of your file will also be made. Just visit the Contact page for more details.

Be sure to check out the Help page to prevent avoidable levels of stress!

This site was last updated on 28 December 2014.