Interactive geometry has been around for quite some time, yet there are relatively few resources specifically designed to help teach everyday maths topics to students aged 11 to 18 using graphic calculators and handhelds. This website is attempting to address this shortfall.

It appeared to me that too many interactive geometry resources on the internet seem to focus on the invariant properties of triangles and their altitudes, medians and angle bisectors. I am of the opinion that interactive geometry can be used to help teach many more maths topics than this!

A whole new approach to teaching maths can be facilitated using CabriJr and Nspire that uses 'multiple representation' as its core ingredient. Allowing students to see the same problem geometrically, graphically, numerically and algebraically offers them greater levels of accessibility and comprehension.

In addition, I think that CabriJr is a nice, manageable environment for users who are new to interactive geometry to develop their skills and gain an awareness of all that it can do. Users could then progress onto using more sophisticated versions of similar software, either onto a desktop computer, with all the colour and screen resolution benefits that they may offer, or onto the TI-Nspire with its revolutionary operating system.

Technical Info

Any worksheets were created using Microsoft Word and converted to pdf format using Adobe Acrobat.
The movie footage of CabriJr on a TI84+ was captured using TI Presenter. The output video signal was then fed straight into a Canopus ADVC-55 converter whose output via Firewire cable was recorded by iMovie HD running on an Mac.
The movie footage of TI-Nspire was done on a Mac running the TI-Nspire Teacher Edition software which features a handheld emulator view mode. The film footage was captured using iShowU and then imported into iMovie HD.
The outputted .dv video file from iMovie HD was converted to a .flv movie using ffmpegX.
The javascript for playing the flash movies is available free from Jeroen Wijering.
The converter used to create the .mpg movies from the .flv ones is made by Pazera.
If you wish to know the exact settings that were used for any of the software named above, then just get in contact.

The Author

The author of this website is Nevil Hopley, who is currently Head of Mathematics at a large independent schol in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Nevil has been teaching Maths in classrooms since 1993, creating websites since 2003 and maths podcasting since 2006.
In addition, he has been working closely with Texas Instruments since 2000 developing their wireless handheld networks, as well as training many UK teachers to use the TI83/84 and TI-Nspire.
His other maths websites include www.CalculatorSoftware.co.uk and www.ClassicMistake.co.uk.