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How can I best experience everything on this website?
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Really Helpful Top Tips for Using CabriJr
How do I get the .8xv files onto a calculator?
How do I get the .tns files onto a TI-Nspire?
What's the RSS link all about?

How can I best experience everything on this website?

This website is best viewed using Mozilla's Firefox browser.
If you're using Microsoft's Internet Explorer, then be sure to 'Allow blocked content'. This will enable the scripts that are used in the web pages to play the embedded movies of each resource.

If any page fails to load correctly, simply click on the Refresh button in your browser.

Legend for each resource page.

Next to each resource you will find several buttons:

Download teacher notes that contain extra resources and teaching ideas that go with the resource.


Download the CabriJr data file that can then be loaded into TI Smartview, or sent to your TI83+/84+ graphic calculator, using TI Connect software. [see below]


Download the TI-Nspire data file that can be loaded into the computer software, or sent to your TI-Nspire handheld device, using the TI-Nspire Computer Link software.


View a movie that shows how the resource was constructed on CabriJr, starting from a blank page. This movie, like all the others on this site, has no soundtrack.


Download the adjacent movie in .mpg format. This format can be viewed on both a PC and a Mac and is made available here in case the embedded flash movie does not function for any reason. If this still does not play, then you can 'right-click' the button and choose 'Save Link As...' to save it to your computer. The movie should then be able to be played outside of the web browser environment.
The mpg versions are best viewed at 200% of normal size.


With the drop down menu, you can rate the resource from 5 stars down to 1 star. Then just click the Submit button to send off your rating. No personal information is sent by this process, and no login is required. If you wish to give a fuller comment on the resource, then please use the Contact form.

Really Helpful Top Tips for Using CabriJr
After you have finished using each menu option, press CLEAR to remove the icon from the top left hand corner of the screen. This prevents you accidentally activating something you didn't intend to.

Change the number of decimal places of any number by moving over it and pressing the + or the - key.

To see how any construction was created, choose F1 > Undo > Explore and press the left and right arrow keys to move forwards and backwards through each stage of its evolution. You can press CLEAR at any point to revert to that previous stage of the construction.

When a figure has been animated (F1 > Animate), you can most easily stop it by pressing 2ND to change from 'Auto' to 'Stop', and then press ENTER. Alternatively, try and 'catch' the animated point by pressing ENTER when the cursor arrow is on top of it - this is much more fun to try to do, but takes much longer to do successfully!

To find out how to use all of the functions of CabriJr, have a read through its manual.

How do I get the .8xv files onto a calculator?
The easiest way is to use Texas Instruments' software called "TI-Connect" along with a link cable (either USB or Serial). Newly bought calculators now come with both of these items, but they can be obtained separately - the cable can be bought from most retailers, whilst the TI-Connect software can be downloaded free from TI's website.

I have TI-Connect and a cable, now how do I install a .8xv file from a PC/Mac to the TI83+/84+?
First, start up TI Connect Software and click the icon for Device Explorer.
This gives a tree structure diagram of the calculator's memory that is connected to the computer.
Near the top of this tree structure is the category 'Application Variable'.
Now open up another window of the folder containing the file to be installed (for example hg999.8xv).
This can be done through clicking on the My Computer icon on your desktop and locating the folder and file required.
Now drag'n'drop the file hg999.8xv from the window that it's in into the window in Device Explorer and onto the branch of the tree called 'Application Variable'.
Copying across from the computer folder to the Archive memory of your calculator will then begin.

How do I get the .tns files onto a TI-Nspire?
You need the TI-Nspire Computer Link software, that can be downloaded from here.
Alternatively, the TI-Nspire Software (v2.0 onwards) has Handheld Linking functionality built into the software.
The interface is of a typical drag'n'drop variety, and full instructions on how to use the software are also available from the same link location. In essence, it's a bit easier than the .8xv files onto a TI84+ procedure detailed above!

What's the RSS link all about?
Click on the link to subscribe for free to the RSS news feed which will keep you informed about resource updates and additions to this website. Not sure what RSS is? Then click here to find out more (from the BBC's website).