HG133 SQA Higher True or False

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This zip file contains 13 tns files of true or false statements, designed for the following topics of the Scottish Higher Maths Qualification (studied by 16/17 year olds):

Essential Skills.tns
1.1 St Line.tns
1.2 Functions.tns
1.2 Trigonometry.tns
1.3 Differentiation.tns
1.4 Recurrence.tns
2.1 Polynomials.tns
2.1 Quadratics.tns
2.2 Integration.tns
2.3 Trig Addition.tns
2.4 Circle Equation.tns
3.1 Vectors.tns
3.2 More Calculus.tns
3.3 Logarithms.tns
3.4 Wave Function.tns