Nevil Hopley's TI-Nspire Tutorials Download Site

These video tutorials are not officially endorsed by anyone and they were originally created to help support new users of the Nspire Handheld (both Teachers and Students).

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Nspire Tutorial 01 - Architecture 11m51s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 02 - Settings and Status 11m39s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 03 - Creating and Saving Documents 6m2s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 04 - Graph a function and change it with a slider 7m31s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 05 - Definite Integrals 7m48s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 06 - Locating Non-Stationary Inflexions 6m3s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 07 - Rescaling axes and tracing functions and intercepting functions 13m29s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 08 - Gradients of functions and equations of tangents 7m16s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 09 - Lists and Spreadsheets - introduction 4m20s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 10 - Data and Statistics - creating basic statistical displays 8m25s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 11 - Data and Statistics - scatterplots and regression lines 6m9s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 12 - Data and Statistics - annotating displays with calculations 5m30s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 13 - Data and Statistics - paired statistical displays 5m13s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 14 - Geometry - a first construction of an angle in a semi-circle 9m42s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 15 - Geometry - a second construction optimising a polygon inside a circle 9m13s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 16 - Calculator - a tour through all the main features 21m19s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 17 - CAS Fractions and Partial Fraction Checker 12m41s.mp4
Nspire Tutorial 18 - Solving Equations 10m57s.mp4